Are our opening hours and collection policy flexible enough for customers?

Our current opening hours are 10am – 4pm on weekdays and customers are welcome to come and collect items that they have bought at auction any time within those hours.


But, we wanted to take this to our customers and ask whether these opening times and our collection policy are flexible enough for you.


Our thought process with these hours was that post-pandemic so many people work from home at least a few days each week that popping into collect items during the working week is now more accessible.


And we try to remain as flexible as possible for customers by allowing collections to take place at any time during our opening hours, even without an appointment.


With that being said, when customers turn up to collect their items unannounced, it can sometimes take a little while to find it in our storage facility.


So, we recommend giving us a quick call before you head down and then we can get the item prepared and make the process as efficient as possible when you turn up.


The same goes if you have arranged a courier to come and collect, which is usually the case with larger items, if you can give us a rough time-frame when they might arrive, then it makes everyone’s lives easier.


Occasionally, we can accept people coming to collect what they have bought at auction outside of our advertised opening times if it has been pre-arranged and we have someone available to meet the customer. Sometimes this is possible on auction days when we are around anyway.


Of course, if you attend the auction in person and buy something then there is no need to arrange a time for collection, as you can take your item home same-day, so that’s always what we encourage first and foremost.


For those of you who are unable to attend, however, are our opening times and collection policy reasonable or do we need to give it a rethink?


Let us know by dropping us an email at or message us on Instagram.