Why we started the Gavel and the Gabble podcast

The world of auctioneering is fascinating, or at least we think so, and we hope our 10,000 monthly listeners agree.

There are not just gems to be unearthed in terms of items to be bought or sold at auction, but there are also gems of people in the auction industry who deserve to have their stories told and that’s why we started the Gavel and the Gabble podcast.

It’s not just about promoting our own auction houses here at Windsor Auctions and our sister auction house Lyme Bay Auctions but we want to shed a light on the industry as a whole and all the subsidiary industries.  

We hope to give the public a look behind the curtain at what goes on in the world of auctioneers, as well as highlighting the best of the industry and anyone who has got something interesting to say is welcome to come on.

Although, that’s not the only reason we started the podcast, my co-host Simon and I also wanted to have a laugh.

We run our auction house slightly unusually with both of us up on the rostrum and in between or during lots we crack some jokes and have a little chit chat, both under the delusional assumption that we’re the funniest people in the room.

So, we wanted to share our subpar comedy and passion for the industry with whoever might listen and in doing so the podcast has evolved into much more than we could have expected.

For starters, we’ve learned a lot speaking to some hugely interesting and truly knowledgeable industry experts from Paul Laidlaw to Richard Worrall, Isabel Murtough, Michael Baggott and countless others.

Prior to starting the Gavel and the Gabble, neither Simon nor I knew many people in the industry, but we’ve come to find that it’s a place where everybody readily supports everybody and people are constantly keen to help.

The podcast has also unintentionally but happily made us into industry activists, advocating for more women in the industry, as well as tackling important issues such as changing government laws around fire regulations and the Ivory act.

One of the main catalysts we’re hoping that comes from the podcast is attracting more young people to the trade whether it’s as a potential career or simply to attend an auction.

We want to convey that if you’re not one of those people who wants a traditional office job and instead you want something varied, dynamic and where every day is different, then becoming an auctioneer or a valuer could be perfect for you.

Ultimately, we aim to change perceptions on the world of auctioneering, it’s a fun and lively trade, so if you want to join the fun then check out our podcast, we’ve got some terrific guests coming up in Irita Marriott, who has just set up her own auction house and Jessica Wall of Stamford Auctions.

Or go one better and if you’re as passionate about the industry as we are then drop us a message on Instagram and come and tell your story on the podcast.